Winter snowflakes falling

Well it winter and you know what that means I woke up pulled on my micheal kors skinny a cowl neck sweater an brand new green spark ally ugg boots then I zipped up my trench coat and yelled bye mom I going o massies house then I jumped in my limo and rde to massies house .when I got there I ran to massies room .hey mass .hey DYL she said as she patted the spot next to her on the wanna go to the shooting of my moms show.sure just a sec massie said as she picked up her phone I’ll call everyone else .so ight now where heading to the shoot massies reading a teen vouge magazine.leesh is testing her boot size to her cousins in Spain so they can get her boots.kris tens doing a word search claires eating gummies and Im typing this .oh one more thing our outfits massies wearing a pair of velvet sevens and a peach tank top under a blazer with her hair up in a pony tail.leash is wearing a bcbg dress and chi my choo heels I’m wearing exactly what I was wearing this morning oh were her

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I’m back

I’m back and totes till in the pc .so today on the way to school we stoped at star bucks and well we sat down and this new clique that call themselves “the jewels” came in and confronted massie and said hey loser why dont you admit they were better than you and that I’m better than you and give up that exclusive table of yours then massie said uh news flash no one likes you so no .then Cassie that’s her name said bad choice I’m gonna make your life he’ll .massie:not if we make yours he’ll first then massie poured her iced latte with double whipped cream all over Cassie .enjoy”massie said we all gave glares laughed and set up a round of high fives then we walked out of the cafe and into OCD with pride we weren’t the ones with latte all over us .and get this Cassie still came to school latte stains and all and she was the laughing stock of all OCD.after school we went shopping right now I’m at kris tens “doing homework”really just eating popcorn and drinking lattes and watching pll while typing on our Mac books right now I’m wearing a green micheal kors top and jeans. Oops gtg kris’s mom is coming

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New clique

Ok so the PC is a nawt or out sure were still friends but come on we want a new ruler of the school a new rolemodle well here’s ur new alpha Dylan Marvil and as beta Olivia Ryan and we are the Glossip Gurls or GG! But it can’t be a clique with only two hawt gurls so if u woul like to be a Glossip Gurl this is what you need to do!
Email me this:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Skin tone:
Clique Status:
About you:
And you must go to OCD! Once you sed in you app me and Olivia will look at are top 10 and then pick are top 6 and have the top 6 do a contest and see who wins the contest and out of the top 6 we will pick the top 3 soo send in your apps!!

Dylan ❤

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Mines the green one and Kris is the pink one

Ok so this is what happened today… I packed for MSU I’ll be the only one there with fashion-able clothes, I did some helping thing with Kristen at someplace I forgot but it was fun. I went shopping with my mom and Kristen after that. Then I got back home and got ready for my moms show I stared on it today if you didnt see it was a mother daughter thing I looked fab. I put my outfit I wore in a sec. Then after that me my mom her boyfriend and Kirsten went out to dinner at some fancy 5 star place which was fun with Kris we laughed the hole time we barly ate lol. Today was a Dyl and Kris day we are the best lol I love you kris!!♥

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Go Startans

Ok so in two days I’m going to a camp that is for three days. I’m going to MSU they have a 4-H thing and its really cool. You get to take classes that the people who go there take like I’m taking a class were I learn about so country stuff (cause I sighed up late) but theres other things to. But you must live in Michigan and I live in new york but my cuz that didnt want to go lives in Michigan so they gave it to me and now I’m going. The colors there are Green amd White so if you want support MSU by making your next post green. Also as you can see I do not have a clique yet so if you need a dylan just tell me and I’ll be her. Or I was thinking of making a clique with Olivia as my Beta and maybe someone else.



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Hey gurls it’s me Dylan and this is my blag! You may know me from the clique I’m not the beta but I was but then Massie made Alicia beta oh well it’s ok I guess. So I need a online clique maybe I might make my own I think it will be fun! But if Massie doesn’t want me to I can’t! So right now I’m dating Harris Fisher yes the hawty in 9th grade yummy he is and we love each other sooo much!! I got to make this short because I need to make pages ok!!

Love ya, Dylan

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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